Yesterday i went to Front Range Community College to take the Maths placement exam. i will just say that was not the highlight of my day. i hate Maths.

But i talked to the financial advisor and it is true that the government is giving me money to go to school. It will be enough to pay for the classes and the books. i am so excited about it. i want to finish college and get a degree. i started it many years ago, but never completed it.

Perhaps i will be a writer and a chef.

So, this means i will have to live here, in Colorado, for four or five years. i knew there was a bitter moment coming.



3 thoughts on “maths

  1. Ocean, I truly HOPE you are able to find a good reason for your being where you are. Life hands it what it does, it is up to US to find a reason to smile. I am HAPPY for you being able to continue with college and moving forward on your degree!!! 😀

    Have a good day my friend.

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