A rarely seen smile.

Yesterday, our chef took us to a local farm in Boulder. Jacob Springs Farm was interesting and by interesting i mean hard work. i got stung by a bee and now my knuckle is swollen. i wish it (i forgot to check the sex, but i think it was a girl (or lady) bee) had done it on my lips or ass.

We arrived a little after noon, the owner, Andre Houssney, showed us around his farm. He put us to work in the field, but then i went with him to work with the bees. The bees were amazing. i was very happy working with them and learning from Andre. He is very knowledgeable about them.

i now have an admiration for the farmer. They work hard to bring food to this ball of mud.

more photos of the day:

This is a video of Andre talking about farming and why he does it.


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