Day 64


Dutch Apple Tart

The longer i am in my new class at school, the more i see how bossy some people can be towards others. i do not understand bossy people. If you are thinking about going to culinary school, then beware of the bossy people. They come out in packs.

On the bright side, almost all things came out great. Even when there are failures, we can learn something from the chef.

i was team leader, but i let the group make their desserts and i helped in the background. i also baked some ciabatta because i wanted to practise it for my possible future job.

i read the first chapter in 8 Keys to Safe Trauma Recovery. Now, i understand why i have so much trouble with eating. i literally cannot decide what to eat, so i skip meals. The book was recommended to me. i would recommend it to anyone who has suffered from trauma.



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