Day 85

Only 2 days of school left. It is all coming to an end. i am ready for it all to end because i am very tired. Life is not the same for me. i hate it more than ever. i miss my best friend every day.

Today i was happy that the day ended without any pastry students killing each other and the other male in the class gave me a pin that the group received for not missing a day for one week. My group never achieved the pin because at least one person missed a day each week. The pin is a sword, well actually a knife, but i can pretend.

i also helped my classmates make cupcakes and chocolate pralines and truffles. i love chocolate. Every time we use chocolate someone says, “Ocean you have chocolate all over your face.”

And another nice thing i heard today was, “Ocean i am going to miss you.” i make some people laugh in school.


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