Day 86

i survived the second to last day of pastry school at Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts. It was a hell of a day. We had to make three kinds of macarons for tomorrow.

The bacon maple macaron looks nice and taste good.

The cassis macaron does not have cassis in it because the school messed it up. We ordered it a week before and it never arrived to our kitchen. i asked for it each day. i even ran to a corner shop to find a bottle of creme de cassis and the lady told me, “No, not here. Find big shop.” i was so angry at the school because this is not the first time they screwed up. We will have blueberry macarons.

The third one was pistachio, which should be the easiest, but was the most difficult. We did not have enough pistachio paste and we did not have any pistachio flour, so we had to make it. The cookies looked a little flat in the pied part it and the buttercream took about three attempts to get it right or close enough.

My partner, my poor partner had to endure my bumbling errors. She was patient during the process, but i bet she wished she had not helped me with these frustrating little cookies. Now i understand why most classes do not make them for their bake sales.


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