Day 87


Yesterday was very tiring, but mostly from my thoughts. They attacked me in my sleep, as i woke up and then throughout the day. i remembered the long journey that it took to get me to this day.

i remember first applying from Europe, my best friend telling me it is what i should do, leaving Hungary on a plane, wondering if the plane would crash into the ocean and then a shark would eventually eat me, arriving to Denver, starting school, watching strange girls fight in my class, losing my best friend ever, going to school in a daze, being sad, wishing i could die, going to the hospital for an emergency surgery, waking up and wishing i had not, Nick and Rosemary trying to feed me, spending a lot of time alone, staying at The Batchelor’s house, starting school again with a new group, going to a farm where bees sting, getting to know my new classmates better, starting to like some and not caring about others, taking a final test, starting a new job at Brewing Market Coffee as the pastry chef and preparing macarons for the culmination meal yesterday. Whew!

It is funny that i ended up making macarons at the end because i started with them and it was one of the reasons i went to Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts.

Thank you to all the people who helped me complete this school, although technically i will not graduate until i finish the externship.

Thank you to Pal, Tamas Karoly, my best friend ever, who believed in me and yet he disappeared without a warning.

Tim and Carol, for flying me here.

Bodi, the great Bodi and Mark K, the fashion model, both for financial help.

Two anonymous donors, for financial help too.

And all the supportive words from all my real friends over the past year.

And to Nick and Rosemary, for inviting me to live with you in your home and for taking care of me, even when i did not care and for not completely giving up on me. i love you both.

A few photos of the day:


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