Day 90

On Sundays, the local cinema has a discount on all the films.

First film was The Fault In Our Stars. It was an i-am-dying-from-cancer-but wait-so-are-you-yet-we-will-fall-in-love-before-we-die kind of film. It was actually good.

The second film was Edge of Tomorrow. It is the latest Tom Cruise sci-fi film. i love sci-fi. It was really good too, but i made an error and sat in the second to last row. The last row had bad seats, all of them were too low. A strange couple sat behind me and sometimes they whispered too loudly.

i almost forgot in the first film a girl sat in front of me and she was actually texting while watching the film. i was so close to throwing my popcorn at her. i imagined her turning around and asking me if i was crazy and then i would have said, “Yes, so keep texting.” And then i would give her the evil eye. Perhaps i will do it next time, so be warned.


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