Day 95

Has anyone else noticed that WordPress has changed? i hate it.
Yesterday i watched France vs. Germany for the semifinals in the World Cup and unfortunately Germany won.
After the match i went with two friends to the mountains to Lake Isabella. We hiked up for two miles. It really wiped me out. i could not breathe. i have not done that strenuous of exercise since my surgery. It was a very beautiful place. i could not believe there was snow on the mountain, a lot of snow.

Funny thing happened on the mountain, somebody stole my coffee cup or thermos. i sat it down so i could jump the water and when i returned it was gone. i asked a couple people on the way down, but not one person saw it.

Another thing happened to me on the mountain, but it was not funny. i got stuck in the snow. i could not get out. It was like quicksand.

i bought a watermelon at King Soopers on Hover Road and the guy that helped did a great job of picking a sweet melon. Thank you. Job well done!

Every day i think of you my best friend. i miss you. You ruined me.


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