10 Years

It has been 10 years. 9 great years and one sad year, extremely sad year. Life is cruel. i am tired of the cruelty. i cannot think of a reason to continue.

How can someone pretend to be your friend for 9 years?

i wish i could forget everything from the past 10 years.

The pain is the same today as every day since i lost my best friend. i will never let another person get close to me. i will never trust anyone ever again. i rather die alone and heartless than to feel this pain.

Thank you.





5 thoughts on “10 Years

  1. I am sorry for your loss Ocean. Don’t let the pain of loss blind you from seeing the love and blessings in your life, which in my opinion amount to much more.

  2. Ocean–Keep walking. Keep finding things to do. I know your heart is broken, trust may seem impossible, but, remember, there are kind people out there. Consider your mission to find them and connect.

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